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In a constant search for customer satisfaction, 10 RAJEB has placed excellence at the heart of its strategy. Throughout the manufacturing process, quality is a top priority.

Raw materials of European origin are selected and processed with care. The high-tech machines of European manufacture meet all international standards and their level of performance is such that they allow a flexible and modular production.

To be cutting edge and satisfy the market expectations, our research and development division is constantly developing new materials and technical solutions. Thanks to powerful 3D software, our teams of engineers constantly develop and improve our products while optimizing costs. Concerned about preserving the environment, we use green materials, ecological paints and glues.

The orders received by our customers are carefully processed by a very efficient ERP system, in direct contact with the manufacturing department and the purchasing division. This fully computerized technology covers the entire value chain: planning, production, packaging and delivery. A complete service, answering the best standards of quality, flexible and able to adapt to your needs.


This quality approach has been rewarded by the ISO9001 certification:2015.

In addition, 10 RAJEB is the only industrial company in Morocco to obtain the PEFC and NM certifications.

PEFC certification allows the traceability of wood from the tree to the final product, including all stages of processing and distribution. By ensuring the provenance of the wood used, 10 RAJEB proves its commitment to respect the environment.

NM (Moroccan Standard) certification is awarded by IMANOR (Moroccan Institute of Standardization). NM is broadly equivalent with NF (French Standard) and also with EN (European Norm) to the compliance to these certifications is the first step to meet the clients needs in terms of safety and quality. 
Over the years, 10 RAJEB has on expanding its offering. It now offers 16 models of doors, including fire, burglar or acoustic doors. To complete the offer, the company is able to manufacturer closets and custom kitchens. The variety of 10 RAJEB's range of products can satisfy customers with specific needs, for residential, professional or hotel projects all over the world.

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